love day

dear huz,

This is my favorite photo from our wedding day, even though you hate it.  You see you’re holding me up.  you’re keeping me from falling.  And that’s what happens in a good marriage.  You hold each other up when things get hard. 
We’ve been married for over 4 years now and sometimes I can’t believe it.  But then I think about how we’ve learned to better communicate.  How we have learned to give and take when the other needs it.  How we have compromised.  I realize that it is only with time that we have learned to be good for each other.  With some more time we will eventually be great, maybe even perfect. 
That’s the thing about relationships, the ones that are worth the fight are the ones you fight for.  We fight for us, and as time has gone by that fight has gotten to be less of a struggle.  In our successes the fight is even enjoyable. 
So on this day of love I just want to say that I’ll fight for you, every day of the rest of my life.