**a portrait of my son once a week, every week, in 2014**


We had a busy weekend.  Grandma and Grandpa K were in town and we spent some quality time with them.  You sure loved all the attention!  You keep acting like you’ll crawl any day, but not quite yet.  You are extremely good at army crawling however, which is insanely cute (and a little funny as well).  You decided to buck the trend and become a vampire.  You now have two teeth on the top, but just to either side of the middle ones.  Four teeth total for the big eater.  You love vegetables, but fruits not so much.  You also really like your new snack mum-mums.  Though you tend to get a lot of them stuck in the highchair instead of in your mouth.



*a portrait of my son once a week, every week, in 2014*


I told myself that this week’s photo couldn’t be all “look at my beautiful blue eyes” and it was hard.  But I managed to capture the reason for your new nickname perfectly.  Papa has been calling you ‘bam bam’ because of your habit of banging your hands against anything they can reach.  Here you are playing a stacking toy like a bongo and loving every second of it.  I tried to take a nap with you over the weekend and when you were ready to wake up you started hitting my in the face, so we might have to start discouraging this little habit of yours…



a portrait of my son once a week, every week, in 2014


Oh you little rascal.  You sure are a rough and tumble baby, aren’t you?  This week you decided that the space between our bed and the dresser was small enough for you to leap.  As soon as Papa had his back turned you went for it.  Luckily he caught you before you fell too far, but that dresser got you in the forehead first.  You were perfectly fine, just a little shaken up, and it hasn’t seemed to dampen your adventurous spirit at all.  I have a feeling we will get to know your Dr. very well over the years.  Now to really baby proof things around the house!  



it’s a bit of a happy coincidence that several bloggers are having an Embrace the Camera challenge (namely my must read Ashley from Under the Sycamore) as over the weekend I decided to break out the camera remote and step in the frame.  It was a fail of a first attempt from a focus standpoint, but I’m still in love with these photos.


(someday matte is going to be the new selective coloring, but I still love it)



a portrait of my son, every week, once a week in 2014


I gave you a wooden toolbox full of toys this weekend.  You were mostly obsessed with the box, despite it being too large for you to handle.  You sure tried though.  Watching you try and grab it and then scoot to follow it around was adorable.  You also thought the piece in the picture was perfect for chewing on.  You did hold onto the hammer for a bit while we walked around, chewing on the end.  That ended when you started swinging it around and got a little too close to both our heads.  You’re slowly starting to get more hair, which is adorable, you can finally have “bad” hair days!