My List

I used to compile a list of things that I wanted to accomplish in a year.  Normally you start on your birthday and compile a list of things as long as your current age.  With my birthday in June it just always falls by the wayside and gets confused half-way through with resolutions.  So this year I’m going to do 26 before 27, but it’s really more of a 26 things to do in the year I turn 27.  I didn’t really need to explain this…

  1. start building a house (we got the land!)
  2. thoroughly and completely plan the interiors (already have the smash book)
  3. sew something once a month
  4. do a pinterest project once a month
  5. exercise at least 5 times a week
  6. read 50 books this year
  7. actually use my day planner (stay organized step one)
  8. spend less on non-essential things (clothes, eating out, crafts)
  9. clean out the spare room and organize it
  10. get some good use out of my road bike
  11. buy my dream camera!
  12. start saving for my first lens purchase
  13. be a better friend
  14. find some vintage hot rollers (they’re so much better than the new ones)
  15. have a Sunday Adventure at least once a month
  16. do Morea Seal’s 52 Lists project
  17. print our wedding photos (will this ever happen?)
  18. complete the mini marathon
  19. use our kayaks
  20. shop at the farmers market when possible
  21. be active in a book club
  22. play piano at open mic night for stephanie
  23. become more involved at church
  24. Take nice photos of the huz and I
  25. Mail real cards to people
  26. Go to the midnight showing of Catching Fire and make a shirt for it