a portrait of my son, once a week, every week in 2014


(This ones comes a little late as I was “stealing” this pic from photog-friend TJ Marshall)

Aunt Kate got married this weekend.  It was a great celebration, and you did so well.  You got to stay up past your bedtime on Friday night, but you were great about it.  On Saturday morning you went to work with papa, and they said you were great there as well.  You did fight your naps all day though, so by the time the ceremony was over and the party was getting started, you were passed out in a quiet room, already recovering from the long weekend.  On Sunday we went and had brunch with the bride and groom and you tried blueberries.  You weren’t as excited about them as papa was hoping, but someday I’m sure you’ll love them.  Good job little bug.