nothing but love

I’m terrible about printing my photos.  I’ve been married over 5 years and have yet to print my wedding photos. With the baby I decided I would start fresh and actually print.  Well it was looking bleak, no birth announcements, no Christmas cards, so far a fail.  But then opportunity knocked in the form of tinyprints.  Holy.awesome.card.selection!
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I went with plain white envelopes and chose to decorate them myself!  It was fun to get the crayons out and doodle while the babe was napping.  (And the Huz, they tend to nap in tandem on the weekends).  I couldn’t be happier with the cards.  They are printed on super thick paper and the print quality is yummy.  You can really see that runny nose in action!  I also got to add a pic to the back of the card.  There can never be too much of his adorable face!  I’m super excited to send these to our family to shower them with love this Valentine’s Day! 
(or more appropriately, slobber them with love)