more tractor

I post a lot about the tractor, frankly we need to name it as I’m taking almost as many photos of it as any humans I’ve been around lately.  The thing is, to me a tractor is a novel idea.  No one I knew growing up had a tractor.  The kids in the next town over had “drive your tractor to school day” and we all laughed at the thought.  Hell I didn’t know what a combine was till college. 


But that little guy hauls some serious ass!  And he’s seriously old.  In a world where our cars and our phones are old the minute we first use them, this tractor, who is almost as old as my parents, is still one of the best tools around.   You know it has to be good when they still sell parts and accessories for it at every farm supply store around.


Recently huz’ truck got stuck in the mud.  We pushed and tried everything we could to get it out but it just wouldn’t budge.  So huz goes bounding up the hill and comes back a few minutes later with his tractor.  Honestly, I was worried.  I just couldn’t believe that this little tractor could pull his huge truck out of the mud.   But he was confident, and what does a city girl like me know?  Well he hooks up the chain and starts up the tractor, the moment of truth and I was so worried.  I waited until the chain was almost taught and I hit the gas on the truck, and wouldn’t you know that tractor pulled the truck right out of the mud, through another slick spot, and onto the road without a single hiccup. 


This past weekend huz put that little guy to work doing exactly what he was made for.  He plowed and tilled 4 little fields for us to start some gardens.  And then we planted.  Corn, beans, pumpkins, and so much more now fill those fields.  Hopefully they grow and prosper.  We’re considering this our learning year for the garden, seeing what works and what doesn’t.  But as far as that tractor goes, he’s an old pro just waiting for us to catch up.