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this is post 4 answering thirty things about me.

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List 10 Things You Would Tell Your 18 Year Old Self

aka 10 things I would tell my freshman year self

  1. Forget about dating that Junior, work on making some friends your own age
  2. Getting drunk is not only not cool, its damned painful, take it easy
  3. Yes college sports are a hell of a lot harder, but you’ll regret quitting more
  4. Appreciate the union, you’ll be making your own food soon
  5. Try reading your reading assignments, it really helps
  6. Focus on making friends, being a good one, and keeping them
  7. Don’t schedule boring classes after lunch (lest they become nap time)
  8. Take those Graphic Design classes now and get a minor
  9. Try saving your money, and keep track of your account balance
  10. Take that job in the athletic department, make friends with all the coaches and administrators, during your sophomore year bum a ride to the mens basketball game vs. Hanover, sit with the coaches at lunch, let fate take it from there.  (you can never be too careful when you’re suggesting I change the past)

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